About us

So you want to work for Fortuna? Great!

First of all though, let us introduce ourselves. At least then, when you are employed by us, you can say a few words about us, of which there is quite a lot to tell, to your curious friends.


Fortuna Entertainment Group N.V. (FEG) is the leading Central European omni-channel betting and gaming operator. It operates in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, Romania and Croatia.

FEG offers a wide range of online and offline betting and gaming products, including pre-match and live betting on a variety of sporting and social events.

As a trendsetter and innovative leader in the betting and gaming industry, and with more than 20 years of experience, working for FEG is something you can be truly proud of.

The foundations of FEG, as it is known today, were originally laid in 1990 with the establishment of the FORTUNA Betting Office in Prague.

At that time, the company’s primary business was fixed-odds betting for sporting events. Within one year, a sister company, T E R N O, was established in Slovakia.

In 2005, Penta Investments became the owner of both entities, acquired ProfesjonaƂ, the Polish betting operator, and subsequently set about rebranding all three companies under the Fortuna brand name.

From 2015, the profile and visibility of the FORTUNA brand name was also raised in Romania through the companies Bet Active Concept, Bet Zone, Public Slots and Slot Arena. After just 2 years, in August 2017, all the companies were acquired by FORTUNA and brought under its umbrella. 

In May 2017, FORTUNA successfully acquired a 100% stake in the Ireland-based Hattrick Sports Group, the owner of Casa Pariurilor (the leading betting operator in Romania), PSK (the second largest operator in Croatia) and B2B (active in Spain, Germany and other countries). This time, FORTUNA decided to retain the well-known brands and become a multi-brand operator. 

In 2019, in order to create a sense of belonging and sharing, the new Fortuna Entertainment Group brand (FEG) was launched, the aim of which is to connect all consumer-facing brands into one.

From October 2010 until June 2018, FORTUNA’s shares were traded on the Prague and Warsaw stock exchanges. From November 2018, FORTUNA’s sole shareholder has been FORTBET HOLDINGS LIMITED, a subsidiary of Penta Investments Limited. Currently, FEG is for 100% a private company



The Group operates in the betting and gaming sector. The betting is mainly focused on sporting events while the gaming services include the following: online casino games such as slots, blackjack, roulette as well as products like Poker and Bingo. After gaming and lotteries, betting is the biggest subsector in the overall EU betting and gaming market. Gaming is the most significant subsector, with further prospects for growth that mainly stem from the rapid development of online services. This trend is supported by cooperation between various entities in the betting and gaming sector: landline operators are starting to cooperate with online service providers while betting organisers are entering into agreements with gaming operators.

The Group operates in the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Poland and from 2017 also in Romania and Croatia. Compared with the markets of Western countries, the Central & Eastern Europe betting markets are still relatively underdeveloped and offer opportunities for future growth. Except in the Czech Republic, the competitive landscape largely consists of a  small number of single-country operators. However, due to the growth in the online betting industry, country operators have started to compete not only at a local level but also against offshore online operators. In terms of retail operations, potential new market entrants encounter significant entry barriers such as local licensing requirements, significant marketing and branding spend demands and high retail establishment costs.