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When our offices will be open again, we are going to face a tough question: How close should I get to someone?

As we start to come together again, we will have a wide range of comfort levels with physical proximity and contact and may find it awkward to let others know our GREETING PREFERENCES.

We are delighted to introduce to you our COVID-19 Alert Wristbands.

We hope that our new colour-coded wristbands make those individual preferences known without anyone having to say a word.

The wristbands take a cue from traffic lights:
- Red equals no contact,
- Orange indicates an elbow bump is okay,
- Green means shake my hand,
- Blue means to go for the hug.

Let's take a look at the Alert Wristbands in more detail in our photo gallery.

P.S: It is not obligatory to wear these wristbands. It is up to our employees’ decision if they would like to use them or not.

Team: HR