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CSR - Responsible Gaming

The FEG has adopted a voluntary code of conduct based on key Player protection principles

The Goal of this initiative is to build a sustainable player strategy that ensures gambling within FEG is seen as safe entertainment. To support and influence key stakeholders to ensure that the industry adopts best practice and is seen as fair and transparent in relation to customers, employees and all stakeholders. And ultimately strive towards greater player protection within the industry.


At its core, the whole Responsible Gaming project is based upon:

  1. Actively support Regulation: this to ensure the sustainability of the industry in CEE, and in doing so help develop an industry that is built upon uncompromising player protection
  2. Leading the industry: through knowledge share of how FEG’s RG strategies can be implemented in a responsible, yet profitable approach that centres around the well being of the community
  3. Contribute towards the community; this by being seen as the No1 responsible operator in FEG Territories, and employer of choice by demonstrative behaviour towards Protecting Customers from Gambling Related Harm


We interact with customers through a series of communications in relation to Responsible Gaming, with a special attention to customers who may be at-risk. We send them direct messages explaining the possibilities to setup self-limiting measures, suppress marketing materials or bonuses, connect them with cooperating addictologists or set up lower limits/freeze their accounts by ourselves, depending on legislation in each country.

Based on Customer Risk Assessment performed by Fortuna Player Protection, we have built an effective communication for each risk level, tailoring the message to player specifics and needs. It is generally accepted that gamblers have different levels of risk of developing gambling problems and require various harm minimization tools and resources. Therefore, responsible gambling messages are customized and target specific groups of gamblers.



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