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Find Out More about Group Sportsbook Transformation and Meet Its Manager Tomáš Polinský

Last year, a total of 13,654 earthquakes hit the planet. That's exactly 124 more earthquakes than in 2019. It's 2021, and although it wasn't exactly 7 on the Seismic magnitude scale, there was one "earthquake" in our company. However, people weren't running down the halls in terror trying to save their lives. On the contrary. Everyone feels that this is not a natural disaster but a great opportunity.

Effective communication and cooperation have been two extremely hot topics in recent months. And yes, honestly, these two factors were also the reason for the change we are now implementing at FEG. We have been playing with this vision for some time. We will merge two departments into one and create a strong and compact team. And so we did. We merged two departments. Two seemingly different worlds. Prematch and in-play. Why did we do that? Because times are evolving, and it no longer made sense for us to divide our team that way. Historically, as in most large bookmakers, we at FEG first created the "Prematch" department and only after some time the "LIVE" department has been created. And these two branches grew separately until this year. In this respect, we decided to merge them into one team and rather develop the expertise of our bookmakers within the respective sports. We would like to fully utilize the potential of our experts and let them fully dedicate themselves to what they understand the most. We want them to understand the sports they are entrusted with like no other and to be well versed in them. We want them to be the best. Along with the merger of Prematch and Live department, we informed you about in the last article, a new position has been created - Sports Supervisor. We have several Supervisors, and these pros lead the various bookmaker teams and help us make our product faster, better, and more efficient. Starting with football over winter sports to MMA. Every single sport is on offer. Yes, we are definitely already one of the best in the CEE region, but we still see room for improvement. We expect to become an even stronger player in the market with this organizational change. Our range of betting opportunities will be even wider. You will be able to bet on special events that you won't find elsewhere. At the best possible odds.

We caught up with a Group Sportsbook Manager, Tomáš Polinský, who is managing the whole team and supervisors.

What are 3 words to describe Fortuna Entertainment Group?

- Dynamic, Multicultural, and Dynamic  

What’s the most exciting part of your job?

- Probably that chance to make people in my team better every single day.

What’s a challenging situation you had to overcome professionally?

- I've always been a shy person who didn't want to talk in public. It's a little better now.

What’s your secret talent that no one knows about?

- I can hold back a sneeze!

Author: Anna Holubářová
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