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Herbs for all

Thanks the great enthusiasm of our colleagues

We supplemented the regular supply of fruit with fresh herbs, this time as a prevention against a flu.

It may seem like we're playing with little things, but we know how big implications are for everyone ​​.

We never underestimate care! 

If you want to be a part of us and let yourself be pampered, join us!


Do you know the benefits and effects of lemon, mint, ginger and lemon balm?

If the answer is no, here is some information for you:

Lemon is especially known for its high content of vitamin C. Ascorbic acid stimulates the production of hydrochloric acid and pepsin in the stomach lining, thereby increasing the body's utilization of protein, iron and calcium. Vitamin C helps in the production of norepinephrine and beta-endorphin, which are the hormones of happiness and euphoria.

Mint supports the normal functioning of the digestive tract and intestines, strengthens the natural defenses and immune system, aids relaxation and sleep, counteracts flatulence and helps the normal function of the respiratory system. When inhaled, it is suitable for respiratory diseases.

Ginger and its benefits:

  • maintains normal blood sugar levels.
  • supports the normal functioning of the cardiovascular system.
  • supports the natural defenses, immune system and respiratory system.

Lemon balm is a clear synonymous with restful sleep and a peaceful mind. But this herb can do much more:

  • soothes sore throat when you have cold and flu,
  • protects the body from harmful radiation,
  • contains a large amount of antioxidants and strengthens immunity,
  • combats indigestion,
  • relaxes muscles after increased muscular exertion,
  • helps with insomnia, improves mood and calms nerves,
  • improves our skin.
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