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We would like to introduce you to our Head of HR Group Irena Filařová Nucová who has been responsible for Group HR department since the beginning of July, 2021. 
Do you really know what is the Group HR department responsible for? Let’s just briefly remind a few basic points… HR GROUP department means to take care of our employees and focus on the whole Employee Lifecycle activities at HQ (seatted mainly in Prague/Split/ Hyderabad)), it is also ready to help with daily HR issues. They also look for the best colleagues to our HQ offices and they serve as a business partner and support in personal questions, personal data changes, employee development or facility and office tasks. 

So traditionally, we asked Irena a couple of questions:  

What exactly is the scope of your work, what are you in charge of and what are your responsibilities? 

My task is to listen, take care, care, communicate, explain, adapt, secure, open, adjust, whistle, decide, solve and much more.  


Could you introduce us to your team? How many of you are in the team, how do you work together every day? 

I joined FEG on the 1stof July 2021 and the team has been newly formed. So that we continuously review all processes; together we adapt them to the current needs not only of our company, but also the needs of the new fast digital and Covid time. There are 13 of us in Prague, then 1 colleague in Split / Croatia and one in Heyderabad / India. We support a hybrid model of operation at the moment, which means that if the type of work allows it, we have the opportunity to do 60% outside the office. We are open to changes and we take most things for granted, not "news". 


Why did you decide to join the FEG? 

Becoming a player on an international field together with others is a thing that is difficult to to say no. 


How would you describe FEG in 3 words? 

Challenge, ride, joy. 


What do you like most about the FEG? 

Every day is original, it moves me forward and I enjoy it. It's a game with rules that we play. I can "bet" every day and I know we will win. The attitude and passion of all is what characterizes us. Innovation, excellence, responsibility, honesty, respect, enthusiasm, customer and teamwork are values that you will not only find on paper or posted in offices, but are values that we play and live together.

Author: HR department
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