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About "Online Gaming" in FEG

Gaming is a substantial part of a full entertainment product. It includes several elements among the business. A company which would like to be a market leader in the entertainment sector should identify itself with Sports and Games as a unified offer.

Games are divided to several different sub-contents: Slot machines, Table Games, Card Games, Jackpots with big wins and also some arcade games. All those together offer the client the full experience in a nice way. Customers can be very demanding players, as people who look for a casual fun (the majority).

Gaming image was not so well perceived until very recently, there was no clear rule and law to govern and it was left on the grey side. Currently we are busy making an effort and evolve it to a fair, entertaining and profitable content for us in Fortuna. This process is controlled by the Gaming Authority in each territory (government represent) which would like to do the same.

We in Fortuna are going to offer Casino games as an organic part of our product. This offer will go hand in hand with our Sportsbook. We do expect the two verticals to have an equal volume in revenue terms after about 3-4 years process. Obviously, currently the Sportsbook is the main revenue source.

In our Romanian Website we can already see the casino games Live. Our offer is not yet a mature one and this package is only the initial one. Currently the Revenue is coming around 80% from the Sportsbook and 20% from the Casino.

In the world, especially in the developed countries, gaming is the symbol for fun, enjoyment and a legitimate choice of leisure. We would like to sell our Gaming product exactly with these characteristics. Sportsbook and gaming are going hand in hand and the biggest books are having it as part of the organic product.

Gaming was once a street business in small shops and big casinos. Later as the world went Online, Gaming could be reached by downloading a client to the PC and after a while playing directly through your browser. Today, we can get the content available anywhere and on every device (Smartphone, Tablet) which exposes that experience to more people and for longer period.

Author: Tal Zamstein, Group Head of Gaming
Team: Product Management, Digital Marketing, R&D/Technology, Sportsbook, Digital Marketing