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Why you should work in Prague?

Let us show you why Prague is your next destination. Here are 10 main reasons why you should work in Prague. 

1. Beautiful city

There is no doubt that Prague is one of the most beautiful cities on earth. In 1992 the historic city centre was added to UNESCO’s World Heritage List. The most known landmarks are Charles Bridge, Old Town, Wenceslas Square and majestic Prague Castle (the largest ancient castle in the world). But you can see its beauty just walking through the city centre. It´s not a surprise that Prague is one of the most visited cities in Europe. 

2. In the middle of Europe

Prague is located in the heart of Central Europe. This allows you to travel a lot! It doesn´t matter if you prefer the Czech countryside or other wonderful European cities such as Dresden, Berlin, Salzbourg, Wroclaw, Cracow, Bratislava, Wien or Budapest. 

3. Great social and healthcare

Healthcare in the Czech Republic is one of the best in Europe. In addition to that citizens, residents and employees of Czech companies are automatically insured under the public healthcare system.  

So after all, in Prague, you get great healthcare for a small monthly contribution. 

4. Public transportation 

Prague has one of the best public transportation systems in the European Union. Metro, trains, trams, buses and ferries transport more than a billion passengers per year. And the greatest point is that ticket costs just 3600 CZK (145 EUR) per twelve months. 

5. Culture life

Prague offers a lot if you are looking for a rich cultural life. Besides dozens of museums, theatres, cinemas and galleries, you can attend hundreds of culture or sports events during the year. You should also know that Fortuna Entertainment Group provides our employees with an extra contribution for their leisure time activities. 

6. Pubs and restaurants

The Czech Republic is famous for beer and also for beer consumption. Prague is not an exception in that. The variety of luxury restaurants and cosy pubs (called „hospoda“ in Czech) is enormous! Also, it´s important to mention that prices are very low if you compare them with Western Europe. 

7. Safety

If you are worried about your safety, don´t be anymore! It´s not a well-known fact but the Czech republic is within 10 safest countries in the World base on Global Peace Index

8. Favourite city for expats 

Thanks to the expansion of International companies and situation on the Czech labour market, Prague is becoming multicultural city with fast-growing numbers of expats. 

And in addition to that, Prague is the 8th best city for Expats.  

9. Quality of life

Quality of life is hard to measure. Luckily Deutsche Bank made a list for us and Prague won #15 city in the world by quality of life. For such a complex evaluation, they use a number of sub-indices including Purchasing Power, Safety, Health Care, Cost of Living, Property Price to Income Ratio, Traffic, Commute Time, Pollution, and Climate.

10. Fortuna Entertainment Group is here! 

Yes, it´s true. One of the fastest-growing betting and gaming operator has HQ here in Prague! 

Author: Tomáš Baierl, Group Recruiter
Team: Brand, Customer Service, Business Analysis, Data/Analyticts, Digital Marketing, Finance, HR, IT, Legal & Compliances, Management & Admin, Product Management, Projects & Processes, R&D/Technology, Retail, Sportsbook