About Us

What is it like working for FEG?

Working for FEG is about working together. We are one team. That’s why the word “colleague” is often replaced with the word “friend”.

Why work for FEG?

We share a few things in common, namely a passion for sport and entertainment, as well as a desire to bring more fun and excitement to the game. Our goal is to provide services we would like to use ourselves.

In which countries does FEG operate?

FEG is present in 5 markets in the CEE region. We run Fortuna in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland and Romania, in which we also run the Casa Pariurilor brand, and PSK in Croatia. In each of these countries, we have a local HQ and retail network.


Does FEG also offer opportunities abroad?

Yes. You can apply for every role in every county, just make sure you pay attention to the language requirements.

Do you offer opportunities for students?

Yes. We offer students great opportunities to earn extra money and gain valuable experience during their studies. We also do our best to meet their scheduling requirements.

Recruitment Process

How can I apply for a job?

It´s really easy. Choose the position you are interested in, fill in the online application form and attach your CV or link to your LinkedIn profile.

Where can I apply?

You can apply for open vacancies through our career pages or through the job portals where we advertise our positions.

Can I apply for multiple positions?

Yes. You can apply for all positions you are interested in.

Do I need any specific qualifications or experience?

You need to be up for a challenge, fun, friendly and ready to create a great atmosphere in our shops. For the customer service and retail betting assistant roles, you need to be able to extend brilliant service that brings entertainment to the life of our customers. For the management roles, you’ll need some experience of leading a team in retail and/or hospitality, delivering brilliant face-to-face service in a busy, fast-moving business.

What does the term “group/senior/junior” mean in the job title?

“Group” is the designation for our headquarters in Prague, i.e. the management of FEG (Fortuna Entertainment Group) and all its employees whose work has international reach. This means that their focus is covering all the countries in which Fortuna operates.

“Junior” is the designation given to a starting position. We do not expect extensive experience from candidates for these positions. However, for the future, they are expected to show great potential for growth and the willingness to acquire new knowledge and skills.

For positions identified as “senior”, we expect candidates to already have extensive experience in a similar position and to be able to pass on their experience to other colleagues.

What are the requirements for Group roles?

Requirements are always listed for each role individually. However, the main and essential one for every Group role is fluency in English, both in spoken and written forms.

How does the recruitment process look like?

Each position requires a slightly different recruitment process, so it is outlined for each position accordingly.

Is my application subject to personal data protection?

Upon submitting the online application form, you agree that we may use your personal data during the recruitment process. If you subsequently agree to cooperate with us, we will use it to create your personal documentation.

Consent to the processing of personal data can be revoked at any time. More information on this can be found in the Privacy section.

For how long is my personal data stored?

Upon submitting the online application form, you agree that we may use your personal data during the recruitment process. If you romp home and get the job, we will use your personal data to generate your HR record. If you are pipped at the post, we will retain your personal data for up to three years. Consent can be withdraw at any time.


What benefits do you offer?

Our list of benefits is always published with the job offer. If you are not sure about the offered benefits, do not hesitate to ask the recruiter during the interview.

Learning & Development

Do you have an onboarding training program at FEG?

Yes. Every employee in our company goes through a structured three-month training program. This program gives you the opportunity to find out the most important information about the company, its business and positions, as well as allows you to get to know each department, thereby giving you valuable insights into their work and competences.

Where does the onboarding training program take place?

The major part of the onboarding program takes place at our Group HQ - Churchill Offices.

How long does the onboarding program last?

Our onboarding training program is set up for three months. We are proud of the fact that after this period you should know everything you need for carrying out your work.

How is the program structured in FEG?

In addition to the onboarding program, we offer a well worked-out Individual Development Plan (IDP). This allows employees to develop their skills through internal and external courses, trainings, conferences, events and certifications. You can plan your IDP with your manager to help your future career at FEG.