Our values

When starting a new job, you want to fit in perfectly as a part of the team. Right?

Our 7 core values will help you to understand the way we act and think. They help us to determine our thinking and behaviour in any situation.

Our values

One team

We work in a team, we play in a team.

  • Together we share our vision, goals and know-how.
  • We communicate openly among each other.
  • We consider other people’s opinions.
  • We benefit from our diverse cross-functional teams
  • We enjoy working together and having fun.
  • We achieve more when working as one.
  • We never work in silos.
  • We are not shy to ask for help.
  • We never forget strength is in unity.

Customer first

The customer experience is always in our hearts and our minds.

  • We behave responsibly towards  our customers.  
  • We always listen to our customers and respond.
  • We play fair and respect our customers.
  • We make business decisions with focus on our customers.
  • We build a long term relationship with our customer. 
  • We always consider the local needs of our customers.
  • We do not act against our customers’ interests. 
  • We do not ignore customer voice.
  • We are not arrogant or impolite towards our customers. ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​


We constantly aim for higher standards and quality.

  • We always look for continuous improvement.
  • We proactively share best practice.
  • We embrace an open mind and positive change.
  • We manage to do things simply.
  • We continuously measure our progress.
  • We stick to deadlines.
  • We don’t act ad hoc.
  • We never refuse changing things for the better.
  • We don’t overcomplicate stuff.


We strive for creativity & inspiration.

  • We encourage new and creative ideas, approaches and solutions.
  • We  feed our curiosity.
  • We seek new know-how to apply in our business.
  • We “steal“ ideas with pride.
  • We take calculated risks when making decisions.
  • We think outside the box.
  • We do not resist possible improvements.
  • We are never convinced we already know everything.
  • We don’t shoot without aiming.


We act as the owners in our roles.

  • We take responsibility for our deliveries.
  • We understand our priorities.
  • We proactively solve difficulties  to avoid obstacles.
  • We are empowered to act.
  • We are competent in our agendas.
  • We focus on efficiency of the final solutions.
  • We don’t make empty promises.
  • We don’t micro manage.
  • We don’t hide problems and issues.


We are passionate in everything we do.

  • We actively drive our success.
  • We push our limits and go the extra mile.
  • We keep on challenging the status quo.
  • We proudly advocate our brands and products.
  • We inspire and energize others.
  • We think big and positive and act the same way.
  • We never forget to celebrate success once the job is done.
  • We do not decide upon the easiest solutions.
  • We do not spit poison around us.

Honesty & respect

We treat each other with respect and honesty.

  • We give and receive honest and polite feedback.
  • We encourage each other to speak up but also to listen.
  • We discuss, but once we make a clear decision, we are able to commit.
  • We trust in the expertise of our colleagues.
  • We believe in transparency.
  • We respect individual and cultural differences.
  • We don’t avoid difficult discussions.
  • We don’t allow politics to get in the way.
  • We don’t spread gossip and talk behind each other’s backs.